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how to start

Connect your iPad to your WiFi network and download EVERSTORE POS from the Apple App Store and log in with your log-in information. No cables, no installation!

Simplicity is one of the biggest advantages of EverStore. For you, this means no bothersome appointments with service people, no incomprehensible manuals. You can launch the whole system yourself in four easy steps. Then everything is ready - let's start selling.


The Internet has completely changed our way of shopping. And this process is ongoing. A great shopping experience, however, will always be a great shopping experience - with service, attention, closeness. Our iPad POS device will help you because it places your customer at the heart of the store. At the same time, it loves the Internet. This means that EVERSTORE will let you prepare your business for tomorrow's challenges - today.
  • Fully equipped cash register with all functions
  • Full flexibility thanks to integrated card payment
  • Plug & play - just get going
  • Mobile on the sales floor, at events etc.
  • Purchase on account and advance payments also possible
  • Including digital gift card function
  • Digital receipt available by email
  • Professional CRM and customer loyalty with Point4More
  • Simple inventory possible via the iPad
  • and many other features


Time, money, nerves: to date, the management of retail stores has been costly, in every respect. Exact information about store inventories? No chance. Quick access? Often difficult. With EVERSTORE, all the store data is securely stored in a single central database in the cloud. This will give you a whole new level of transparency regarding your business and help you to manage your stores much more precisely. In other words, you can be less worried about backups, PC installations, virus issues and high IT costs - and more about your customers and your sales.
  • Access from any device, without installation
  • innovative KPI-based retail management
  • Fast commissioning in a few minutes
  • Ordering cycles for optimised ordering processes
  • Comprehensive store inventory management
  • Of course, it is GoBD-compliant


Boundless networkability - this is the real magic in the digitisation of commerce. Because who says that online shopping and bricks-and-mortar retail need to be competitors? On the contrary, they complement each other perfectly - with the right technology! EVERSTORE offers you everything you need for this, so you can connect your stores with your online shop. At the same time, you can offer your customers an overarching shopping experience with real added value. And your business will become capable of multi-channels at the touch of a button.
  • Open API
  • MAGENTO Onlineshop
  • SAP Retail
  • Microsoft Dynamics Nav
  • eFulfilment
  • Wirecard Payment
  • iZettle Payment
  • Kundenfrequenzzähler
  • Point4More Kundenbindungsprogramme
  • Salesforce.com



Our prices are as simple as our software - and pleasantly cheap. Simply choose from three packages according to your requirements. The days of expensive cash register systems and expensive on-site operations are over. With EVERSTORE you can rely on a state-of-the-art, user-friendly POS architecture. And on top of that, you benefit from an economic advantage that makes the PC cash register look pretty old. The monthly fee includes software usage, ongoing updates and support. With us there is no contract obligation and no fixed terms.

Easy and affordable as never before


60€ / MONTH
*yearly payment
  • POS & CLOUD Module without CONNECT
  • ONE check-out module
  • Email Support at office hours
The all-round carefree package for your store of the future


100€ / MONTH*
*yearly payment
  • Starter package
  • +
  • POS, CLOUD & CONNECT Module for ONE store
  • inlimited check-outs
  • Support at office hours
  • connected to Onlineshop, Invebntory Management, CRM, Sensors, etc.
For chain stores


170€ / MONTH*
*yearly paymewnt
  • +
  • POS, CLOUD & CONNECT for as many stores as you want
  • Merchindize Management